American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, 1. sezona

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serija, 2017.

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Dodano: 5. rujna 2017.


[Select Subtitles available in May] A fascinating docuseries chronicling Playboy magazine’s charismatic founder, Hugh Hefner, and his impact on global culture. Told from his unique perspective with never-before-seen footage from his private archive, discover the captivating story about the man behind the bunny.

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1. sezona

1Before the Bunny: Marilyn Monroe
2Birth of the Centerfold: The Girl Next Door
3Becoming Mr. Playboy
4Members Only: The Playboy Club
5The Playboy Interview (“I Read the Magazine for the Articles")
6Rebel with a Cause: Civil Liberties and Government Crackdowns
7Below The Belt: Playboy and the Pubic Wars
8Sex, Drugs and DEA Investigations
9Down the Rabbit Hole: The Dorothy Stratten Murder
10My Way