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thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Married... with Children
serija, 1987.–1997.

Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 26
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Dodano: 15. lipnja 2018.


Al and Peggy Bundy have an equal partnership in marriage: everyone suffers!

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6. sezona

1She's Having My Baby (Part 1)
2She's Having My Baby (Part 2)
3If Al Had A Hammer
4Cheese, Cues And Blood
5Lookin' Fer A Desk In All The Wrong Places
6Buck Has A Belly Ache
7If I Could See Me Now
8God's Shoes
9Kelly Does Hollywood Part 1
10Kelly Does Hollywood Part 2
11Al Bundy, Shoe Dick
12So This Is How Sinatra Felt
13I Who Have Nothing
14The Mystery Of Skull Island
15Just Shoe It
16Rites Of Passage
17The Egg And I
18Psychic Avengers
19My Dinner With Anthrax
20Hi, I.Q.
21Teachers Pets
22Goodbye Girl
23The Gas Station Show
24England Show I
25England Show II
26England Show III