Monk, 4. sezona

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Monk
serija, 2002.–2009.

Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 16
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Dodano: 2. rujna 2019.


In season 4, we see Monk getting closer to his new assistant Natalie (Traylor Howard), a single mother who aids Monk not only with his crippling phobias, but also with his crime-solving exploits. A showdown with rival private detective Marty Eels (Jason Alexander) sets in motion a new season in which we discover crucial details of Monk's past.

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4. sezona

1Mr. Monk and the Other Detective
2Mr. Monk Goes Home Again
3Mr. Monk Stays in Bed
4Mr. Monk Goes to the Office
5Mr. Monk Gets Drunk
6Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk
7Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding
8Mr. Monk and Little Monk
9Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa
10Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show
11Mr. Monk Bumps his Head
12Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage
13Mr. Monk and the Big Reward
14Mr. Monk and the Astronaut
15Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist
16Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty