Timmy, 1. sezona

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: Timmy Time
serija, 2009.–2012.

Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 26
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Dodano: 3. studenog 2018.
Uklonjeno: 23. studenog 2019.


Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock - in fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes and scraps, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow. Shaun and his pals run rings around their poor sheepdog Bitzer, as he tries to stop the Farmer finding out what's going on behind his back. Every day brings a new adventure for Shaun.

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1. sezona

1Timmy's Jigsaw
2Timmy's Hiccup Cure
3Timmy Wants to Win
4Timmy the Artist
5Timmy Can't Dance
6Timmy Says Sorry
7Timmy Steals the Show
8Timmy Wants the Beret
9Timmy Wants the Blues
10Timmy Plays Ball
11Timmy's Picnic
12Timmy Tries to Hide
13Timmy on Wheels
14Snapshot Timmy
15Timmy Goes Bang
16Timmy Afloat
17Timmy Gets the Job Done
18Timmy Needs a Bath
19Timmy Wants the Drum
20Go Kart Timmy
21Timmy's Train
22Timmy's Puppet
23Timmy the Builder
24Timmy Brings a Smile
25Timmy's Mask
26Timmy's Spring Surprise